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Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint Service is also referred as ghost mannequin effect or ghost effect. It is one of the widely used features of Photoshop. In Ghost Mannequin technique images are shot on a mannequin and later with Photoshop, the mannequins are removed with utmost delicacy. We are expert in using the Liquefy tools. We can make both sides symmetrical, remove the creases, tags or labels according to all the requirements and make the image web-ready or print-ready for your website, e-commerce site, books, magazines, newspaper or catalog. This feature is mainly useful for the garment industry where they can display their dresses on mannequins to show the products to the buyers and create their catalogs, and if you are an e-commerce website owner, this is very important that the products are displayed both attractively and properly. By properly it is meant that displaying a large number of items on a website could be tricky as it needs to follow a certain margin and color combination that goes with the site itself. Our professionals are extremely careful about these particulars that can compromise the beauty of the images or make the website look boring or unprofessional.

Initially, the pictures are taken by putting the clothes on a mannequin and the designers then edit the photo by altering the background and erasing the mannequin. This could be a very complicated and difficult process but we have 200 highly skilled graphic designers working around the clock to meet all your requirements, no matter how small or how delicate they are.

We perform the tasks by using the best software which makes the image look more realistic and professional. We can also turn a simple image into a Neck Joint image. This picture format allows the client to keep their focus on the clothing. The cloths or other materials can be transformed into a more attractive format or color.

Clipping Firm provide this service to thousands of brands every day and we believe it is our responsibility that your customers like your products. We provide all the services according to the customer demand and then try to do the tasks according to their choice. We collect their feedback and then make the necessary changes. The quality of the image is very important for selling the product. We never compromise with the quality and we devoted to continuous improvement.

Neck Joint service require lots of skills like the sense of color combination, keeping the margin accurate, making the picture more attractive and doing all these without causing nay harm to the natural flavor of the image. Here the color contrast, sharpening and restoration need to be performed very carefully. This also includes different editing like adding a sticker, changing the shape, slimming and transforming an image to a digital image.

We have the skills and the expertise to perform these tasks properly and most effectively. In this digital world, the fashion world has become very much competitive, so for making the products more attractive companies have to use these services and we are here to ensure the best service possible.

It is very easy to place an order or if you want to talk to us, our contact information is also available here. We have also included our pricing list so that you can decide more easily.
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