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Drop & Mirror Effect

Drop and mirror shadow is a shadow service where the picture is made more realistic and natural. It is basically creating effects in the picture and adding more additional effects so that the natural components of the picture remain intact and there are more options to beautify the picture in a greater way. Drop shadow effect is adding a regular shadow of the object in the most appropriate spot. For example, if we place a light focusing on an object, there can be a shadow seen on the other side. Same way, in case a shadow of the object is needed on the other side on the image, drop shadow effect feature can be used to make the image even more realistic. The length and width of the shadows can also be controlled or altered.

And the question can be why we need to put effects on a picture to make it more realistic and happening? Now the reason can be like the picture was not captured well or there were less natural effects in the picture. Therefore what we do is, we add the effects by drop and mirror shadow and bring the picture to life, realistic and natural again.

For the drop and mirror shadow service, there are few levels of expertise and where the levels fluctuate with different checks and meetings and they are carefully inspected for removing any sorts of mistakes. The experts are well trained and they maintain their professionalism at a very high level all the time.

What the experts are trained to do is inspect the mistakes pointed very carefully and then make changes according to the client’s request or according to the requirements shown. They do this by communicating with the client and gathering all the details. After looking at the changes they decide on the amount of modification that needs to be made. The modifications are mostly adding the effectise of light and contrast and applying shadows on corners and on the floor. The adding can also include adding or changing colors or any other materials that make it look more desirable. And once the modifications are done, they are cross checked by another level of experts where they see and search for similarities with what the client has requested specifically.

We ensure there is no mistake and get exactly what you wanted. If you are not entirely sure what needs to be done you can just tell us how you want the picture to be looked and rely on our judgment. Most importantly, you can request altercation until it satisfies you. Clipping Firm main concern is quality, not quantity. We always keep your interest first and we do it until it’s done!
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