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Clipping Path Service

Clipping path service is a closed vector path or silo usually drawn with Photoshop to cut out an image from its background. Often, in order to present the product in the most attractive way and ensuring the best combination of color, the background of the images needs to be altered. This is one of the most delicate works that requires expertise in Photoshop and a great sense of color and graphic design. A simple way to describe Clipping Path would be cutting a picture from a magazine. By making the best use of the Magic Wand, you can expect the perfect results from our experts each and every time. From our immense experience in this field of work, we guarantee to provide a flawless, manually edited photo that would meet all of the required criteria.

In order to change the background of an image and to make the required alterations Clipping Path could be the perfect feature to rely on. We have provided this service all over the world at the lowest price, yet never compromising on quality. We have highly skilled people working behind the computers, skilled in all manner of graphic designing software. Although Adobe Photoshop is considered the best in the business, there is plenty of other software that can be helpful in certain scenarios. Every software has its pros and cons and by using a combination of software chosen wisely by our experienced experts and that way we can provide the best possible output. Clipping path is incredibly important for improving the image quality and it separates the main part of the image and then sets it to another background. The background is set according to the requirement of the client and the image itself. The client can provide a wide variety of backgrounds, or can choose the perfect one from our samples.

Clipping Path never changes any of the pixels in the main image and it does not become part of it. Instead, this feature builds a mask around the desired parts of the image and cuts that section out to another background. It can also make the irrelevant pixels invisible and transparent.
This kind of editing includes background removing, color correction of the image, image masking, shadow creation and masking, ghost mannequin or neck joint service. For doing all these services the designer needs to do the clipping path first, after that all the necessary correction can be done. We do the masking service and the shadow creation service as well, which are also part of the clipping path service. Mainly the task of background removing and clipping path are similar but there are some differences there.

If you need to deal with visual presentations constantly there is no way around these features. For example, for product display, photography, website development, graphic design, advertisement or in printing industries this service is mandatory to use. Most of the times photographs might have some problems like their inappropriate backgrounds that don't go with the object in the picture or unwanted lines. If you are in any of these following industries, Clipping Path service is something you will need all the time:

• Digital photography
• Graphic designs
• Printing house
• Online Store
• Magazine/Newspaper
• Catalog Company
• Photo studios
• Fashion house
• Web development
• Advertisement

The charge depends on the quality of the picture and the requirements. We charge from $0.29 to $7.00 depending on the task. We claim to be the best in this service with our 10 years of experience and with our swift and versatile services. We also take pride in our Customer Care Support and our services are available 24/7 even during holidays!

We also provide our customers with weekly and monthly payment plans to make our services even more affordable. We deliver results in 24 hours, and we have 200 professionals working around the clock in 3 shifts to make sure quality work.
Clipping Firm also has performance assessors who collect feedback from the customers and assess employee performance in order to maintain the quality of our service. We also collect suggestions to improve our business quality.
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