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Raster to Vector Conversion

Vector Art??

Vector art is composed of mathematically defined geometric shapes that are typically generated using drawing or illustration programs such as Adobe Illustrator. Vector art is comprised of lines, objects, and fills. The defined shapes are constructed from mathematical equations that are stored within the file. Vector art entails both magnitude and direction.

Once vector art is created, it is easily modified within the program it was created in and is not greatly affected behind scaled (enlarging or reducing size). since vector files are mathematically defined, scaling conveniently requires modification of the mathematic equation. Vector files realize not preserve photograph images very competently and can become a pain gone exchanging them across swing platforms. Vector art is typically saved in an EPS or PDF format.

Vector act out is ideal for logo design. Although it is a little more difficult to create a vector logo, it pays off when using it across rotate media. since the vector logo can be scaled happening or by the side of without losing quality, it enables a smooth transition amid the various media.

Raster Art??

Raster art or images are produced by digital image take control of devices such as digital scanners or digital cameras, or by pixel editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop. Raster art is composed of a dot-matrix (grid) or bitmap of digital characterize elements (pixels). Pixels are assigned a color and are rectangular shaped. Several tiny pixels in an argument create what we perceive as the image. Raster art is typically saved as JPEG, BMP, or TIFF files.

It is simple to convert from vector art to raster art, but going from raster to vector is much more difficult and typically results in loss of data and quality. Raster art does not scale taking place competently but can be scaled down without losing quality.
A logo meant in Adobe Photoshop may be ideal for web design or smaller printing but if you're huge very nearly branding, the resulting raster art will be of limited use. once printing a sign or banner, the raster logo will be scaled stirring and become deeply deteriorated and pixelated. even though some good effects can be the end to the logo in Photoshop, the given product will have limited uses.

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