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How to use FTP

Clipping firm(CF) provides FTP access every regular & corporate client. FTP variation is a file transfer protocol. Most time our clients are facing some problem for upload-download all free file transfer website likes We Transfer, Drop Box, Google Drive and also so on. Clipping firm has pro unlimited FTP space so each client uses it for image upload- download. You can upload-download here any size of files with very fast speed. CF provides FTP with free cost don’t extra charge for it.
How to use ftp : If you want to use our FTP then you have to install an FTP user software on your PC or Mac. There are many software for using FTP likes Filezilla, ALFTP, CrushFTP and also so on. Filezilla Client is one of the most popular and prefer FTP user software.

Just download and install the Filezilla client, here has a attachment video tutorial you can install and login it more easily. When your install completed, please request for FTP access on the CF technical department by email. The clipping firm’s technical department provide your FTP details shortly.

How to login in filezilla client: Details example,

Username: youruser
Password: yourpassword
Port: 21 ( 21 is default port)

 Enter quickconnect bar’s host name: field the username in to the user name box: as well as field on the password box and pot is 21 default. Now click Quickconnect bar you have to successfully login the Filezilla client.

Upload-Download system: Filezilla client server rready for use now you can upload and download on here.

Here has two part, no.1 is your PC and no. 2 is ftp server. Just select your files or directory and right click on the files or folder you can see upload- download option.  
Hope you have understood how to use our FTP. If you have any questions, simply you can let us know our webmail: please doesn’t feel any hesitations to contact us. Will always ready to serve you.

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